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[ 29 Jan 2013 | Comments Off on Lost and found: rekindling my wanderlust ]

Why do we travel?
To escape? To discover? To relax?
Most of my recent travels centered around work, hopscotching the country from Maine to Colorado – 13 states in all during a grueling year on the campaign trail. In the first three months of last year, I slept in my own bed fewer than a dozen nights.
Airports were once gateways for getaways, perhaps to some faraway paradise. Instead, traveling had become my dread.
Sure, the beds at the Marriotts in which I slept were plusher than the stiff slab of foam at home …

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[ 15 Jan 2013 | Comments Off on Volcano, cloud forest, and all sorts of wild things ]

MONTEVERDE, Costa Rica — I have always had a peculiar way of relaxing: This time, I would hurl myself into the arms of God, entrusting life and limb to a 150-foot rope as I swung like Tarzan in the forests of Central America.
I had come to Costa Rica hoping for a respite from the breakneck pace of covering national politics, including the presidential campaign, for The Globe’s Washington bureau. And here I was about to possibly break my neck.
For a week, Costa Rica would be my playground. I zip-lined, rappelled …