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Commotion in perpetual motion

30 April 2011 No Comment

Hanoi is an overwhelming grid of narrow streets choked with motorbikes, tourists and makeshift sidewalk eateries. Taxis blare their horns, motorbikes rev their engines and a cacophony of voices echo through the alleys.

Cheap hotels, bars and travel agencies line the streets. Women in cone hats wander around Vietnam’s capital to hawk fruit and local delicacies. The merchandise fill baskets hung from wooden poles slung atop stooped shoulders.

The streets are teeming. The scene is bewildering for the uninitiated. [Watch video: Motion Sickness.]

I had been to Ho Chi Minh City, but never to Hanoi until now.

Hanoi is every bit as fast-paced as Saigon. Nothing ever seems to stop, a commotion in constant motion.

Navigating Hanoi can be a challenge, especially if you’re attempting it by foot. It does not suffice to merely look both ways. Be mindful of motorbikes and cars behind you. If you’re in a taxi, well, fasten your seat belts. It’s usually quite a ride.

The city’s old quarters is especially dense. But wander beyond the backpack stores and trinket shops, and you’ll see a different side.

The streets outside the old city are far from quiet, but the hurried pace has a different quality.

You’ll find butchers sharpening their knives on the street and hacking meat on chopping blocks on sidewalks. You’ll see parents rushing to school to retrieve children. And you’ll see folks stopping momentarily from their busy lives to sip tea and gaze into the shuffle of humanity.

The streets are leafy, the green canopy providing relief from the heat.

I wandered for hours in all directions. I never felt lost. It would be easy enough for a taxi to deliver me back to from where I started.


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